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Rudi Fischerlehner was born in 1977 in Austria.

He studied classical percussion at the Conservatory of Linz for a short period in 1991/92, before directing his energies to the jazz and independent music scene, where he then played in several bands.

1995 he moved to Vienna and started to play in the band BLENDWERK, which released 4 records and toured Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. He also founded the Jazz Quartet CHAOS IN ORDER.

He recorded two CDs with guitarist/composer Daniel Pabst's trio KONTEXT and the band played at the 2004 "Jazzfest Vienna".

He also toured with Blues-guitarist Wheatbread Johnson from Chicago.

He has been living in Berlin since 2002 and leads his own Quartet PINX, which plays his jazz and drum'n'bass influenced compositions.